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i have collected seeds many of which are still in their pods,my husband is planning a wild flower medow which the seeds are forr ,di i remove them from the pods and how do i store them thanks carol king



Assuming they have not been collected before they are ripe then let the pods dry out. Most should then fall out under their own steam. If they don't then just open them when they are fully dry and make sure the seeds fall out somewhere convenient. Best way to store is in brown paper bags, or if they are for a wild-flower meadow, all mixed up, then just one paper bag will do. Store them somewhere cool, I use the fridge because some like what is called 'cold stratification' and those that don't won't be hurt. Plant them in early spring, either directly in the soil or in trays for transplanting when they are big enough. Good luck. My kind of gardening.

23 Oct, 2012

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