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Something to replace nasturtiums please.

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Any suggestions for what I can put in some long, narrow and shallow metal troughs to replace the nasturtiums I pulled out this morning? The troughs stand in the shade because that's the only place they'll fit. I need something that will give a bit of colour but not cost too much, because, as usual, I've already spent far too much on the garden this year!



Last year, I found some little Skimmia rubella plants in a small Nursery - they gave me colour right through until the late spring! I planted some little bulbs underneath and trailing ivy at the edges. If there's room and the budget will run to it, Cyclamen also last a nice long time.

By the way, when I replanted my containers, I potted up the Skimmias and they will be going back in the containers in the Autumn! Now THAT's economical, isn't it?

18 Aug, 2009


If you want something for over the winter...get hold of some polyanthus plants ...they can cope with shade and will give you colour....and pop in some bulbs - like the tete a tete daffs and iris reticulata as well a snowdrops of course which will will all give a nice show. The garden centres etc are filling up with ideas right now.
If you just pulled out the nasturtiums...chances are the seeds are still lying around - and so they will be back next year - never known them to fail!

18 Aug, 2009

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