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I planted my Leek plants out in April. During say August they began to produce stems with flowers, I decided that this meant they were going to seed and needed pulling and eating. Some where tough, others not so much and all were very tiny. The remaining plants I left - they are now plumping out well and have recently eaten one that was a good size. Perhaps I should have left them all in the ground in August and left them to get larger?



Many of ours produced flowering stems early in the summer. I cut off the flower heads as they appeared and the stems on these are slightly thicker than they were, though still on the slim side.
Interestingly, the one that have produced flowering stems were bought from a nursery. The ones I grew from seed myself are producing lovely fat leeks.
Do you not plant out until June, Snoopdog? I plant out as soon as the seedlings are big enough. I sow in February/March in the cold greenhouse and usualy have nice seedlings to plant out by May.

23 Oct, 2012


Once they have begun to go to seed they are not a lot of use. They use the bit we eat to power the production of seeds and then die.

23 Oct, 2012


Thank you everyone - interestingly these leeks were purchased as plants from a nursery selling on line. Next year I am going to try growing from seed. I am discovering (this next year will be my third vegetable growing year) that growing from seed is going to be the way to go with all my vegetables I only have a very small plot available and no green house but will use a covered porch to start the seeds off.

As a new gardener it seems to be taking me some time to understand the best times of the year to plant what! Also am developing more of an understanding of harvest times and when best to begin picking or digging up! This is not helped by various new all year round species and by garden centres and web sites offering plants at seemingly strange times of year.

To experienced gardeners this must seem strange - you must loose sight of just how much there is to learn and how much you know.

Thank you again

24 Oct, 2012


We are often amused by the things we see on sale in Garden Centres and when. The daftest thing we saw was a tray of Radish! And people buy them!
You have come to the right place to find out what you need to know, Anne, there are lots of people on here who can and do share their knowledge. The nice thing is that it is generally done in a non-patronising way.
Remember the only silly question is the one you did not ask when you could have done.

24 Oct, 2012

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