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By Nariz

Spain Es

I expect to get laughed off GOY for asking what seems to be a stupid question, but since moving here and taking up a completely new lifestyle I've wondered ...... is the ash from a wood-burning fire basically the same as commercially produced potash? I merrily swathe the base of my roses with the ash from the fire and they're thriving, but before I poison something I suppose I ought to have the correct facts.



Hia I don't think it's a daft question, mind you i don't know the answer either.but i do know that wood ash is good for gardens.I think we must be two of a kind, happy gardening.

18 Aug, 2009


Potash is Potassium carbonate. It used to be made by leaching (soaking in water) wood ash and then evaporating the mixture in pots (hence the name).
There is a certain amount of potassium carbonate in burnt wood, so you are not going to poison anything by putting it around plants.
The only daft question is the one you did not ask when you could have done.

18 Aug, 2009


Ha,ha,ha - there is not such thing as a daft question, Nariz. If you are not sure about something - then ask before you screw it up (By the way, I am not really laughing at you).
As Owdboggy says, woodash is OK to use around plants, it is just not as strong as Potassium carbonate. I use woodash as a potash substitute in my potting composts.
Just be certain that you have only been burning wood on your stove and that the ash is not mixed with coal. We have a multi-fuel stove and burn both fuels so I have to be selective in the ash that I collect.

18 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your responses - I do only burn wood as that's our only hoard of solid fuel so I shall continue to feed my plants with it. I didn't know about adding ash to potting compost - that sounds like a good idea - making the compost go further as well as adding an extra feed. I'm constantly running out of compost even though I buy two 80 ltr bags at a time!

19 Aug, 2009


Whoa there, Nariz, I think that I was not being completely clear.
I make up large quantities of my own pottting compost from scratch using equal parts of loam, fine grit and humus(preferably leafmould). I add fertiliser to one gallon with 3 ounces of bonemeal and 3 ounces of potash.
The potash is not to bulk up the compost, I think that this have a detrimental effect on the product.

19 Aug, 2009


Ah! I see. I was rather running ahead of myself there! Back to square one

19 Aug, 2009

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