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I'd like a plant to cover some ugly pipes around my kitchen wall. Any suggestions?


By Raymi

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I bought an Ivy to cover the pipes and take the bareness off the wall. I have been advised by several members to replace it with another plant like a Virginia Creeper. This may look good but is very rampant and decidious. The wall is North facing'. I,d lprefer a non decidiuos plant .if possible. Can anyone recommend any suitable plants.



Put a frame (trellis) on the pipes and grow an evergreen Clematis on it, check the type for hardiness.

18 Aug, 2009


Given the choice between ivy and virginia creeper, I'd choose the ivy every time, despite the fact it can root into the brickwork; its easier to control, though extreme vigilance is required! If you want to grow an evergreen clematis instead, I'd recommend putting clematis netting round the pipe and on the wall, this way it'll cling to it all by itself. Not sure how well Clematis will do if the wall is in shade most of the time though. If it is very shady, you could try Hydrangea anomala (H. petiolaris is what it used to be called) which is a climbing form of hydrangea, though it is deciduous.

18 Aug, 2009

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