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Erysimum,Bowles Mauve


By Bloomer

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

,I would like to know if it will survive the winter,and as it is now so leggy,should I have kept trimming it back,to promote new growth? Do they put out new growth from the bottom,in spring? .If it has had it's day,it doesn't matter,as I have some cuttings from it..I'm just curious,as it's the first year I have had one...and what a great plant it has been:o)




They certainly do survive the winter. I've had one in constant flower for the past 20 months including one night when it reached -12c!

Looking at your photo there is some new growth lower down. I'd no nothing now but in spring cut off all the higher growth which has bare stems below it and the lower growth should then come again.

This perennial is one of the easiest to take from 3 inch cuttings so try that as well.

One further option which often works with leggy plants (I've not tried it with Erysimum) is to dig it up in mid spring and replant it much lower in the ground so all the leggy-ness is hidden.

With regard to pruninmg . i'd recommend pruning off all shoots that have finished flowering to as low as the lowest leaves. This will encourage bushyness and will slow the natural tendency that this plant has to get leggy

24 Oct, 2012


Thanks for that,Anchorman..I will follow your advice..It has been difficult to cut off a shoot ,as it just keeps on flowering !..My cuttings are doing well,and in the growhouse I will see how this one does over winter..It's worth a try,to replant it lower,if it survives ok..
much appreciated :o)

24 Oct, 2012


It is a good idea to take cuttings as you have done because they can be short lived if you are unlucky, like me. The last one I had survived only one year , looked healthy but did not survive to the next year. A few yards away my neighbour has one that seems to go on for ever.

24 Oct, 2012


How strange,Inverglen...wonder why that was? My cuttings look to be doing fine,but as I only paid £2 for the original,I guess I could splash out for another,if all else fails :o)

24 Oct, 2012

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