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What disease does my Vibernum x bodnantense have?


By Scholly

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Three months ago I purchased an established, healthy Vibernum x bodnantense which I planted out in a fertile, moist, well drained border and was thriving until two weeks ago. Unusually, this plant has been flowering out of season. What concerned me more though, was that both leaves and flowers on individual stems started to wilt and appeared scorched before turning brown and seeming to die. The stems were quickly removed and disposed of, but a couple of days later, other branches were affected. Can anyone help me identify what this disease is, and how it can be treated before the whole plant dies?



i don't know but have heard that when this happens quickly with any plant look at the roots, there can be anything from the dreaded vine weevil to root rot, or has anyone beenspraying near you ?

19 Aug, 2009


Did you put neat bone meal in the planting hole?

19 Aug, 2009

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