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grow the Mahonia x media from seed

France, France Fr

i would like to sow some seed's Mahonia x media but i don't know how i can do this i have sought on french web but no one have this answer
then if someone get it please tell me

Sorry for my poor english i'am french don't forget

On plant Mahonia x media




Bonsoir et bienvenue a GoY! You need to collect ripe seeds and sow them immediately in the autumn, either in a seed bed outdoors, or in pots. They germinate better if you keep them cold! Avez vous compris, Alexandre? Je ne parle pas bien francais.

18 May, 2008


Any plants you get from the seed may not be the same as the parent plant. Mahonia x media is a cross between two different parent plants so your 'children' may revert to one of them.
I hope you can understand this!

19 May, 2008


Thank you for your advices

19 May, 2008


Hello Alexandre552.
I am learning gardening.
I live in Birmingham, England.
I spent many years in France, when I was young.

La raison pour ceci est ; mon Frère a failli épouser une fille « Pascal » appelé, et pour cette raison, ma famille est venue en France beaucoup fois, pour les visites sociales qui étaient le grand amusement.

Comprenez-vous ma traduction ? J'espère si...


20 Jun, 2008

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