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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have a large healthy potted rosemary, and I think I read somehwere that the roots should be cut a bit to encourage new growth and keep the herb healthy.

Is this correct and if so, how much? Or am I remembering incorrectly?

I wanted to ask before doing it and killing the plant.



The only reason you might do some root pruning, and I certainly wouldn't, too skilled for me, is if you want to keep the plant in a pot that its now too big for. Otherwise, they grow perfectly well in open ground or in a pot, so long as you pot on when necessary.

24 Oct, 2012


Thanks Bamboo. The rosemary will stay as it is. Not too big.

24 Oct, 2012


I think you have to accept that these lovely plants, whether in a pot or in the ground have a point past which it isn't worth keeping them (after quite a few years), as they can get so woody and leggy, and pruning of any sort isn't going to help. I take cuttings from mine (very easy) every year so I have a succession of growing plants to take over from the oldies. I've never thought of root pruning - far too technical, I would have thought. I'm with Bamboo on this one.

26 Oct, 2012


Thanks Gattina. THe plant ahs been left as it is.

26 Oct, 2012


Root pruning is somewhat risky on a rosemary, anyway, since they are likely to resent it.

27 Oct, 2012


Thanks Tugbrethil. Definitely will avoid it.

27 Oct, 2012

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