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Broccoli and Spring cabbage - needs answers today!

Wirral, Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone

I bought a tray of broccoli and spring cabbage out at a nursery today - I was wondering how many broc. plants I could fit into each standard grow bag? Ive got a very hot enclosed porch where they'll get the sun they need away from the slugs etc, I was thinking 4 per bag?

Also - am I right for the spring cabbage - that I should net them when I plant out into our little veg bed in our garden?

Thanks, Victoria!



You don't say what size the plants are but the last thing they need is a hot enclosed porch. If they are about 3" high they need to either be planted out where they are going to grow otherwise leave them in the tray or plant on into small pots but still keep them outdoors or in a greenhouse if it is cool there.

19 Aug, 2009


Spring cabbage need different treatment to broccoli (winter or spring cauliflowers).
You can grow the spring cabbage at very close spacings, a couple of inches apart, if you don't mind harvesting leaves in the spring and leaving a few to then heart up. (I think the green leaf is better tasting than the hearted cabbage.)
But to get large heads on the broccoli, they will need to be spaced a couple of feet apart, or perhaps only two to a grow bag if you are planting them all in bags.
You may need to net the spring cabbage now to protect them from autumn caterpillars, but of course the protection can come off during the winter and spring.

19 Aug, 2009


Thanks Bertie... totally forgot to answer half the question!

19 Aug, 2009


Thank you for those answers!

They are all about 10" high - I will need all my veg patch space for the spring cabbage so will try the broccoli in several grow bags - 2 per bag as suggested

We tend to use the porch as our own greenhouse - our cucumbers and tomatoes worked really well so I thought it may be good for the brocolli too as we're getting later into the summer now. It does have ventilation too!

19 Aug, 2009


Broccoli, like all the brassicas need to grow outdoors... it will do fine down to about -5C.

19 Aug, 2009


what is that temp in Farenheit please?I would also like to start some broccoli

19 Aug, 2009


Hi Lovegreen mid 20s farenheit, in other words a mild frost but not a heavy prolonged frost. Kale on the other hand can take anything the weather can throw at it

19 Aug, 2009


thanks moongrower now that I know that I'm definatly gonna try . How big a pot should I use if I want to start from seed? And should I cover them to keep snow off when it arrives sometimes early October with temps still in the 30s?Sorry lobeli for using your space for my question, but what good is a question if it doesnt inspire more thought

19 Aug, 2009


no lovegreen, absolutely true!

19 Aug, 2009


Lovegreen you could cover them with fleece to keep the snow off the plants.

20 Aug, 2009


Being a newbie what is this fleece you speak of? Is it like shredded cotton that you stretch out or something different?

20 Aug, 2009


This is gardening fleece used to protect plants and keep root fly of things like carrots. Should be available in any garden centre - or at least it is in the UK

21 Aug, 2009

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