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after 3 years this self pollonating variety has not friuted


By Lisab

United Kingdom Gb

any tips
this is in a south facing sunny position

On plant Actinidia deliciosa



Has it flowered yet?

They tend to be very vigorous and make a lot of growth at first and after a couple of years they start flowering.

19 Aug, 2009


I'm becoming increasingly sceptical about self pollinating varieties or those like the Kiwis which are supposed to carry both male and female flowers. Like you we grew a self-fertile kiwi but never got any fruit.
Our current attempt at a 'self fertile' feijoa (feijoa sellowiana) has resulted in loads of flowers, all of which I hand pollinated, but not a single fruit, not even the beginnings of one.
I'm beginning to wonder whether the mail order suppliers always provide the correct cultivar!

20 Aug, 2009

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