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Why are some of my peppers going soft and mushy?

Maine et Loire, France Fr

I'm growing several different varieties of sweet pepper in my polytunnel.
One variety in particular, a long tapering type (grown from collected seed) has produced fruit which on the point of ripening has turned soft and mushy, rotting on the plant. The bell type peppers are fine, and the green immature fruit are ok to eat.
The plants look 100% healthy.
Does anyone have any idea what causes this?



No idea Bertie - sorry, can't grow 'em up here

20 Aug, 2009


What a shame. I have no bother growing the bell peppers I must say - but haven't tried the fancier varieties!
Are these the first fruits...or have you harvested some already? Perhaps they are more prone to bortrytis..or just simply need more sun/heat to ripen....I think they do need a longer growing season than the "normal " ones don't they?

20 Aug, 2009


Thanks Alz. I guess it must just be botrytis and that this variety is just prone to it.
I shouldn't complain as I took the seed from an Israeli pepper bought in a supermarket two years ago.
Things are far too crowded in the tunnel as I always forget when I plant things how much space they will eventually need!

21 Aug, 2009


maybe their name helps
If they are produced inin Isreal what is their climate and conditions like?

My guess is its pretty hot
maybe you are giving too much water?

just a thought

x x x

21 Aug, 2009


Mea culpa too Bertiefox....can never resist popping "just one more" into the space that just one should have...and then wonder why I need a machete to get into the greenhouse by this time in the year!!! Especially as my original passion flower is just inside the door....eek! Stand still long enough -and the dratted thing winds itself round you like a triffid!! Aagh!
I have a solar roof extractor fan - which helps a bit - even in dull weather but the botrytis is still on the rampage. I miss the old smoke cones for fungus.

21 Aug, 2009

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