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can you prune raspberry canes. Mine has grown to over 8ft and I would like if they were smaller as I get highwinds that blow them over



Yes, Carole, you can and you should. Firstly, I will make the assumption that they are summer fruiting raspberries (July/August)?
The first thing that you should do is to cut out the canes that fruited this summer, cut to about an inch above the ground. The new ones that didn't fruit this year are the ones that will do next year. These can then be pruned back to about five feet above the ground. If the canes are blowing over I would suggest that you should erect some form of wire trellacing for them and tie your new canes into the wire.
If they were autumn fruiting raspberries (September) then these will next fruit on next years growth. This years wood can all be cut back to the ground after you have picked the fruit and they will put up new shoots next spring. You can control the height of these if you wish.

25 Oct, 2012

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