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I want some ornamental alliums to flower in january. i will have to do this with heat under glass but do I need to chill the bulbs before planting? Any opinions on whether this might be feasible and advice on growing temperatures would be great.



Whilst I am sure that it is possible for the amateur grower to get alliums to flower in January I am sure that it would be very difficult; you need exact conditions of light as well as heat. If you are wanting them for a specific event I would suggest finding a commercial grower and asking them if they could produce them for you.

26 Oct, 2012


Never had the inclination to force bulbs, but I did read somewhere recently that Allium is one that you can force, so did a quick google. Looks like it takes 10-12 weeks, so you will just be in time to do so for January 2013:

26 Oct, 2012

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