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BRUNNERA - have I done something wrong?

WALES, United Kingdom Gb

I planted my Brunnera near the pond in clay soil but prepared beforehand with some sand and quality compost.

It seemed okay at first but the leaves have just dried, turned brown and shrivelled up to nothing - see pic!

As I'm new to all this, can anyone explain what I've done wrong please?





They hate being in sun! They are a shade loving plant and its probably to boggy near a pond, but also the soil may of dried out as its clay.

Shade, rich, hummusy soil, leaf mould mixed in etc,

20 Aug, 2009


Looks like drought - you don't say if its in shade or not - they like dappled shade and hate to dry out. Doesn't look quite dead yet though. As you live in Wales, I find it hard to believe it dried out, but that's what it looks like. Is it in sun?

20 Aug, 2009


Dig it up Billie and put it into a pot,just to give it time to recover,I have 3 in semi shade and they stayed evergreen all year, even with all the snow..Lovely Plants..

20 Aug, 2009


Brilliant. Thanks guys.

I'll dig it up tomorrow and repot it and stick it in the shade and give it plenty of TLC. It's all a learning curve for me and I do appreciate all your advice.

Fingers crossed...

20 Aug, 2009

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