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this may be in the wrong place


By Valadel

United Kingdom Gb

sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i am still pretty new to this. could someone please tell me how to answer a comment - i have had a few people leave comments on my pictures and ask questions,but i can't see anywhere to reply to them



Valadel if you just click on the comment box below their comment and then submit it

21 Aug, 2009


Hi milky - thanks for that - can't find a comment box so am going to try the answer this question box and see if that works - please bear with me

21 Aug, 2009


If you look where they have written their comment and then go downwards, it says comment on this photo, thats the box you click on, then scroll down again and submit

21 Aug, 2009


ow there wont be a comment box if you havnt registerd yourself .once you have registerd it will all become apparant

22 Aug, 2009


You can also private message people by clicking on their avatar or icon, which takes you to their home page, and on the top on the left hand side it says something like send a message or leave a message - select that and then type on.

22 Aug, 2009


Ha Nosey got there before me....Have you logged in. Look to the right of the photo you want to comment on, and you shgould see log in or register. Once you have done that, then you get the comment box come up under the picture or comment that you want to acknowledge.....then just type and submit.......

22 Aug, 2009


sorted and better explained milky lol

23 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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