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I received this dish garden.

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I received this dish garden from loved ones. And I was wondering what kind of plants are in it? I recognize the kalanchoe. Also how do I water it, so I don't tend to overwater it? Thanks




The one on the right of the picture with variegated leaves is a Dieffenbachia (commonly known as Leopard's Bane, no idea why!), but am not sure what the darker green one with thin leaves is. Water sparingly, don't let the compost dry out completely - if there's no drainage (and it seems there isn't) water once a week, in stages, till the compost seems moist but not sodden. You will have to break it up later into separate plants - the Dieffenbachia particularly is a good houseplant and will want to get larger, to about a foot or so. I think the other one I'm not sure of may well be Codiaeum (Croton) of some kind.

22 Aug, 2009

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