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Could anyone give me suggestions for a small/medium sized tree for my garden? It's about 100ft long, and i already have a Silver birch, Common Beech, Red Maple (Acer Rebrum).
I have seen a tree planted on the verges, which has very attractive pink/red flowers or cone shapes in spring/summer, but don't know what it is. Any ideas?



If you want all-year interest, Amelanchier has pretty white blossom in April, and leaves with autumn colour. Or a good evergreen is Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo), whose leaves have red tinges any time of year.

26 Oct, 2012


Not sure about what tree/shrub you describe, perhaps a Cherry tree? Cercis is very attractive in spring, as is Ornamental Cherry and even Hawthorn. Hawthorn is actually a lovely tree in its own right, we just seem to think of it as a dull hedge plant rather than an attractive tree in its own right.

26 Oct, 2012


How about a Cornus kousa? Beautiful shape with drooping branches as they age and lovely pink or creamy white flowers for weeks in early summer. Could the pink/red cone tree be a Sumach (Rhus typhina)? This tends to sucker and can be a nuisance near paths and lawns.

26 Oct, 2012


Yes I was thinking of the Rhus Sumach Volunteer, a nice size though and you can prune it easily, it does have gorgeous autumn colour too.

26 Oct, 2012


Maybe one of the flowering crabapples (Malus species & hybrids)?

27 Oct, 2012


Do you mean a red flowered horse chestnut? it fits your description but would get much too big for your site - and there is also a disease of horse chestnuts going around. All the above suggestions would be lovely - how to choose??

27 Oct, 2012


Ahh!!!, thankyou.
I checked the internet for pics. of a red horse chestnut tree and it fits exactly! You're right, it's too big for a garden but at least i know what it is.

28 Oct, 2012

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