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Hawk Moth


By Grindle

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

has anyone any idea? I'm sure it's a Hawk moth of some kind, the closest I can find is Poplar Hawk Moth, but if anyone can give me a definate ID I would be grateful. It was about 2-2half" in length




No idea but what a beauty. Is it on a poplar tree?

22 Aug, 2009


This is the caterpillar of the Eyed Hawkmoth (smerinthus ocellata). It looks as if it's newly emerged as the 'horn' will eventually darken to nearly blue.
They feed on a variety of native trees and also fruit trees.
when the caterpillar is fully grown it will bury itself in the soil to form a chrysalis. The brightly coloured moth, with a wingspan of 3.5 ins, will emerge next June

22 Aug, 2009


how lucky a stunning bit of british nature

22 Aug, 2009


Fascinating stuff.....

22 Aug, 2009


thank you so much BBB, it was a fascinating caterpillar, I found it walking it's way across my clematis.

23 Aug, 2009



23 Aug, 2009


That beastie would be welcome to walk over any plant in my garden...

23 Aug, 2009


i sore one on my blind in the toilet.the moth that is but it hadnt filled its wings with blood yet so was a glance i thaught wow a womans scrunchy on my blind .then i took a second look after realising what a stupid thaught that was.

24 Aug, 2009


It is actually a poplar hawk moth. I have one that has just gone underground to turn into a moth. Don't know how i should look after it now though. any ideas?

(the poplar hawkmoth caterpillars have a yellow "horn" while eyeds have a blue one)

19 Sep, 2009


As ignorant as I am I'd just leave alone :-)

19 Sep, 2009


your right moon nature knows best they know what to do so your not ignorant xx

20 Sep, 2009


David came back from cutting an elderly neighbour's grass with a moth caterpillar wandering around on his trousers... Must find the photo I took and get it i.d.'d. We took it out into the garden and offered it various different tree leaves - it went for the birch. We put him on a branch and left him alone and he chomped his way through a good few leaves and has now disappeared - presumably to pupate.

20 Sep, 2009


or die lol xx

20 Sep, 2009


Well... fingers crossed NP, I feel sort of responsible for the little guy since I placed him on the birch tree.

20 Sep, 2009


im only messing you did what you thaught was could easily look up what they eat on of said it was going to hybernate in its pupa form soon this time of year.i remember going in an old ww2 pill box and seeing hundreds of red admirals was amazing.i wish id had my camera

20 Sep, 2009


Ach not fazzed... but do hope the little guy survives. We end up with all sorts of adult butterflies hibernating in the house every year.

20 Sep, 2009


cool lucky you

21 Sep, 2009


I found a similar, but not the same monster in our garden. I put it over the wall into the brambles..magnificent specimen but gave me the creeps. Posted a pic of it

17 Sep, 2010

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