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What type of boxwood shall I get?
I would like to plant boxwood between the side of my house and the sidewalk. I am limited with space. I would need an oval shape boxwood which is 3'-4' high (not higher than 4') and 1.5'-2'wide. I was looking at wintergreen and green mountain. If I get wintergreen, the height will be right but the width will be too wide. If I get green mountain,the width will be right but it will be too tall. Which one is easier pruning back a green mountain from the top or pruning a wintergreen all around? or do you have any other recommendation for boxwood? Thank you very much!



About what part of the U.S. are you in, Timi? The two you mentioned work well in USDA zones 8 and colder, but in zone 9 and warmer, forms of Buxus microphylla work better.

27 Oct, 2012


I live in Michigan USDA zone 6, but I am not sure what type of boxwood I should get because of my limited space. Or should I get a different evergreen bush? Do you have any recommendation? Thank you!

28 Oct, 2012

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