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Removal of weeds from paving


By Rkalyan

Pretoria, South Africa Za

I need some practical advise to cost effectively remove weeds from paving



I did mine today by hand pulling and running a knife between slabs to lift roots.
Or you could use a brush and sharp sand, or weedkiller will do it but can run off on to plants.
If its grass can you mow it? if its nice moss leave it? Bribe the kids?

22 Aug, 2009


You can buy a special tool which looks like a stiff wire brush on a long handle. I bought one last year and it is brilliant. It saves you bending down and makes very short work of getting weeds out between monoblock and slabs.

22 Aug, 2009


Now he tells me

22 Aug, 2009


I heard that weedkiller of any kind discolours Lock Block paving? I have a friend who has acres of the stuff and a major problem with moss - oh and weeds !! She bought one of these brush tools and finds it very hard work...but she is in her 70's. Is there any way of keeping the moss OUT once it is all cleaned up - always saying she manages!!! I seem to remember that using lawn sand brushed over the area and into all the "cracks" worked...have any of you any experience of this? She is definitely NOT a gardener and thought that Lock Blocking her driveway would be EASY to keep....LOL

23 Aug, 2009


put white vinegar all over them with a paintbrush and/or run a stick or something along the groove in the pavers to dig them out

25 Aug, 2009

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