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is this a new cosmos hybrid ?

Zummerzet, United Kingdom Gb

Cosmos 'Sensation Mix'
i grew them from seed
and rewarded with fab disaply of tall flowering cosmos .
This week i notice something new !
a bi-colour cosmos ...
still searching google to see anyone come across this....

On plant Cosmos bipinnatus




I love Cosmos Zz....such a great return they give.....and yes I've seen this bi-colour one a gardening mag probably, a couple of the seeds could have got in with yours when packing? It looks similar to Dream Picotee, there are pics of this one on Ebay...........

22 Aug, 2009


Really lovely....

22 Aug, 2009


hello Janey

thankyou for your suggestion of the Dream Picotee.... ..looks somewhat similar ..... but still ....different...

i would not be surprise if it was a rogue seeds got inwith the " Sensation Mix "

22 Aug, 2009


Shall you keep some seeds from this one Zz and see what comes of them nextyear?

22 Aug, 2009


Hi Janey

i will try ...
i think i will l also ..ask if my local nursery will try for me ...

22 Aug, 2009


I would keep the seed to yourself They could pass it off as their own breed.. Or it may just be a natural cross from another plants that has happened where the plants are grown for seed harvesting.

23 Aug, 2009


Hi Nick-yt08

i been searching the net .. . at at last ....found some images from Japan with similar colour pattern /shape,
I will collect the seeds and ..fingers cross seem mroe of them next year .


24 Aug, 2009

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