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my oak tree is shedding lentil type attachments that have been on the leaf. I thought it was rust but the 'lentils' are drying up and dropping off. Hundreds and hundreds!
Any idea



Sounds like scale insect problem to me. They are sap suckers and weaken a young or unhealthy tree badly. Heavy infestations can even cause problems on larger trees.

Not sure how you would treat a tree. I have only dealt with a small plant in a conservatory. I am sure someone else will be able to advice you further.

27 Oct, 2012


I just leave mine, some years are better than others, what with that, leafminer on the horse chestnuts and now a fungus on ash trees its a bit of a worry......

27 Oct, 2012


I hope this thanks is in the correct place............sincerely greatful

28 Oct, 2012


this is a spangle gall. To the victorians they looked like spangles /sequins. its a wound response to a sap sucker. it is not fatal to the tree and may not occur next year. sweep up fallen leaves and they should be disposed of.

1 Nov, 2012

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