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slugs n snails how to get rid of them


By Babsy

United Kingdom Gb

ive put down slug pellets but this have no effect on them they are still eating the plants ,eg,broccoli,dwarf beans ,ive found som dead slugs but not many babsy



Go out in the evening with a bucket and collect them, wear rubber gloves if your are squeamish. Then if you or a neighbour have chickens they are in for a feast. If not you can either kill them or take them to a field and leave them there.

23 Aug, 2009


For slug, snail invasions around my hostas, I have had some success with crushed egg shells, coffee granules left over in coffee filter and small jar lids filled with beer! They die well fed but happy- I think!

23 Aug, 2009


Snag is once they get onto veggie plants they never bother getting off again. It's like an 'all you can eat' diner for them.

23 Aug, 2009


Hunt them down and put them in your rubbish bin, from where they will be taken miles away. Remember their preferred hiding places and seek them out vigilantly. In a year or two you will notice you have fewer of the beasties to deal with. Sprinkle slug bait around in February when the baby slugs emerge - that way you're ahead of the game. I speak from bitter experience!

24 Aug, 2009


Get half an orange shell, fill it with beer. Slugs will crawl into it and die.

25 Aug, 2009


beer in plasic tops of spray cans etc, they die happy lol, pop them in the ground so the slugs slip in

25 Aug, 2009

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