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this year we have a good crop of pears but they drop off before they are ripe

United Kingdom Gb

Some are brown and mushy with white spots. These drop off. The others seem to be rippening ok. It is quite and old tree, conference I think. Last year the tree only produced one pear! This year there are quite a few.

On plant I think it is a conference pear tree, very old.



Could it be brown rot which is a fungal disease that causes whole fruit to turn brown with concentric white rings.Remove and burn affected fruits.

25 Aug, 2009


sounds like brown rot to me, cast a caring eye over the tree every few days and remove affected fruits when you see them.
dont touch the baduns and then touch the gooduns, as it can spread the spores.
probable cause, insect or bird damages the skin of the fgruit allowing airborne or waterborne spores to enter the fruits.
regular inspection and removal will solve your plight .

best regards from james

5 Sep, 2009


Thank you James. Have picked and destroyed infected fruit and picked the good 'uns which are still tastie to eat.

5 Sep, 2009

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