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some of my pears are suffering from a brownish mush

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The pears are quite plentiful, (unlike last year when only one appeared) but some have brown mushy skin with white spots and they drop off the tree. I am not sure the fruit is ripe yet, but want to prevent the brown stuff from spreading. It is an old tree, I have know it for 11 years, I think it is a conference.



I'm not sure about this but its
most likely to be 'brown- rot'

as often seen in apples.

THE CURE, regular inspection and removal of affected fruits.
also dont touch the fungusy fruits and then the good ones, you can spread the spores that way.

(other solutions...maybe adjust the watering, or apply a wettable sulphur fortnightly. )

nah, just inspect and remove the baddies as soon as you see them. you can still love that old tree a few more years yet my friend.

best regards james

5 Sep, 2009

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