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in my potato bags i have found clumps of transclucent white eggs what are they and are they da ngerous

north yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

are thesesnail eggs



They will be the eggs of slugs or snails. They are not dangerous unless you either eat them or leave them to hatch out. The eggs do no harm at al to the potatoes.

23 Aug, 2009


and they are not poisonous even if you were to eat the odd one.

23 Aug, 2009


Scoop them up and put them on the bird table. They love 'em!

23 Aug, 2009


After you, Sbg.

23 Aug, 2009


well they are not a taste i'd care to repeat. just lets say wicked brothers and bored one afternoon many many years ago. yuk !

24 Aug, 2009


Nuf said!

24 Aug, 2009

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« it is some kind of fly I think ?


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