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now that we have had our first frost, albeit a mild one, can I still plant acers, ceanothus and rhododendrons. They are all in pots as I had to wait for a neighbours builders to finish as they needed to use my border that runs by the boundary and so everything has had to wait.



Yes, you can, but you may want to think about the Ceanothus - if you're planting it in an exposed position, they can be particularly vulnerable to cold in their first year, so keeping it in its pot somewhere sheltered and warmer might be wise, and plant in Spring. As you're in London, it's less likely to be killed by a hard winter though, but it depends where you're planting it.

28 Oct, 2012


I'd still say plant it now. If we get some really bad weather over the winter, cover it with fleece or just an old blanket

28 Oct, 2012


Many thanks for that I will, weather permitting be in the garden tomorrow and will get busy planting. once again thank you

28 Oct, 2012


I've just seen the weather on Countryfile - in London, Tuesday looks to be the best day of the week!

28 Oct, 2012

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