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Nectarine tree and raspberry canes in the wrong place. When can I move them?



No idea about the nectarine but you can move the raspberry canes in the next few weeks before the frosts really start.

28 Oct, 2012


If the nectarine has only been recently planted (in the last year say) then you should have no difficulty moving it in the dormant season (November to March). But make sure you excavate and protect as much as the root ball as possible if you don't want to set it back too much.
Raspberries as Moongrower says, produce new canes from runners, so they can be moved any time in the dormant season.

28 Oct, 2012


Note that any piece of raspberry root left in the ground will grow into a new plant, so it may take a bit of work with SBK to eliminate it from its former home.

18 Nov, 2012

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