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Tomato Blight

N Yorks, United Kingdom Gb

My tomatoes are OK but those we planted outside at my son's house have been totally destroyed - brown leaves and blackened tomatoes. I wondered how many other people have got blight which I understand is due to warm, damp weather. The websites I have looked at seem to think it cannot be prevented although there are some varieties that claim to be resistant. Has anyone experience of these?



I believe that some varieties of tomato are more resistant to blight than others, if you do a google search on blight resistant tomatoes you should get a list.

Warm wet weather is the prime culprit for blight, good garden hygiene can help to prevent this. Destroy all the infected plants completely by burning or binning and don't plant tomatoes or potatoes in that ground for several years. In summers when it is hot and wet you can spray with bordeaux mix to prevent blight. Just remember to wash the tomatoes well before using.

24 Aug, 2009

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