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What will grow well in my garden?


By Osborne

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have about 6 - 8 inches of soil on top of a solid layer of chalk. The top soil is so fine that any moisture immediately drains to the chalk layer. I have dug in bags and bags of soil cobnditioner, but it does not seems to make a lot of difference. Can I grow the plants listed for a chalk garden?



Sorry Osborne, not quite sure what you're asking - do you have a list of plants for chalk and you want to know if you should plant (in which case yes) or are you asking for plants which will grow on chalk?

24 Aug, 2009


Im confused too but have found this website that give a HUGE list of plants shubs etc for chalky garden
obviously then take into condiferation the shade and wind etc

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sorry forgot to add the site

24 Aug, 2009


Try and visit a local 'independant' garden centre. They will be familier with the local conditions and will be very happy to advise you.

24 Aug, 2009


thats good too
keep it with the locals to buy them

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24 Aug, 2009

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