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By Masi

I have a large pelargonium graveolens in a pot outside and I wonder how I can best overwinter it. In the past I have wrapped it in its pot in horticultural fleece, buit it recovers very slowly from the winter. Can I dig it into the ground and wrap it?

On plant Pelargonium



I think that you would be wise to take some cuttings and try to over winter the main plant indoors or in a porch etc.

29 Oct, 2012


Thank you volunteer, unfortunately my house is very warm and I do not have a porch, but I will do my best

29 Oct, 2012


You could treat it as a houseplant, and keep it going all year round, just harden it off gradually and put it outside again for the summer, they can withstand temperatures down to 36deg f but will not put on any growth at that temp, Derek.

30 Oct, 2012


Thank you!

30 Oct, 2012

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