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I have a young daphne which hasnt yet been potted on, I am going to away for 3 months in winter, will it be ok if I bring it indoors out of frost over winter without being watered?




Bringing into a relatively warm house with no water will do the daphne no good at all. I am not sure of the species (mezereum?) but frost is not likely to cause it harm. Can you plunge the pot into the ground in a sheltered position? This will ensure that the compost is kept moist and that it avoids the worst ravages of winter.

29 Oct, 2012


Thank you, I will give it a try!

29 Oct, 2012


Or have it 'fostered' by a gardening friend or neighbour?

29 Oct, 2012


If it is mezereum I'd agree with Bulbaholic

29 Oct, 2012


I would guess that it is Eternal fragrance or similar and would be on the tender side, being a young plant. Like the idea of 'fostering' it. Would be happy in a light, sheltered, cool greenhouse, frost-free environment.

31 Oct, 2012

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