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Sweet peas dying from the bottom up


By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

I have three large containers of sweetpeas which are all still flowering though coming to an end now. But the plants have been dying from the base upwards for several weeks and the bottom half of each plant is clearly dead.

I'm wondering why this has happened and how they manage to keep flowering at the top. Did they perhaps lack water at a crucial stage?




Quite possibly water, but could also be some kind of mildew infection has caused this. They're also in a pot and they don't like being in pots very much - most of them have a tendency to look like this at this time of year, especially in pots.

24 Aug, 2009


Green fly/aphids can infect the plants with mosaic and streak, it can start as early as May. Spraying now will be too late, even in your part of the world.

24 Aug, 2009


Our ones died after flowering too - could these plants be annuals or something like it?

25 Aug, 2009


Oh yes, I realise they are annuals but I was interested in the way they are dying and wondering if I am doing something wrong since they are dying differently from other plants.

So can the greenfly and aphids make the plants look like this? One pot does have blackfly on it, it's the least dead, the others are clear of pests as far as I can see

25 Aug, 2009


Check the stems at the bottom of your plants, if they have black streaks it's as above. The aphids have brought in the infection, it may be carried on in the seeds if you save them.

25 Aug, 2009


i had two lots of sweetpeas, one in pot and others in bored, the pot ones did this and i think they didnt have enough room and dried out to quickly, my border ones were amazing, went right over the fence to next door with lots of green and flowers

25 Aug, 2009


Maybe I'll try some in the ground next year then

25 Aug, 2009


i do think they are better, take a look at my pic of sweetpeas,:o) good luck

25 Aug, 2009


This is my second year of planting sweet peas. Last year I made the mistake of planting them too close to squash which smothered them. I planted those in a box and they just never produced, did not even flower. This year I planted them in their own row, a little top soil as all I have here is clay, they shot up, flowered, the pea pods became nice and big and then they began to turn white, I'm not sure if from the bottom up or what. Just one plant and I pulled it out, no help the entire row died I'm having the soil checked, maybe peas are more sensitive than green beans, I'm not sure. I have a row of green beans and sunflowers on either side and they are doing great. The peas have had plenty of sun and watered each day. I think I'm going to just give up on peas.

23 Jun, 2015

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