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why are wasps all over my bay tree?


By Sally01

United Kingdom Gb

In the spring honey bees were all over the tree. No problem. But why the wasps. They just seem to land and walk a bit andgo and come back.Loads of them.



You sure there's not a nest of some kind in the tree?

24 Aug, 2009


" BEE " carefull..........lots of horrible stories about wasps stinging this year

24 Aug, 2009


Are there any aphids on the tree? Wasps seem to crave sugar at this time of the year and they seem to be attracted to either the aphids or their secretions. Presumably the sap that the aphids eat contains plant sugars.

24 Aug, 2009


Why I'm suggesting there might be a nest is because its always in August that we notice them because there's lots of activity at the nest then, don't know why, there just is. Three times I've discovered wasps nests its been in August, though they were in various places under the fascia board near the roof.

24 Aug, 2009


I think that Bamboo has a valid suggestion.

24 Aug, 2009


Weedfingers is right about them craving sugar , the sun came out in Scotland on Saturday afternoon and once I worked out what it was I sat out in garden with a beer , radio and newspaper .The wasps drank more of the beer than me, in fact I was convinced there was a hive but there was no hive . . . . . and then they get ratty if u chase em away although I think thats because they had a drink in them.

24 Aug, 2009

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