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Part of my back garden is boggy and I would like to know what plants to grow in it?


By Gyp

United Kingdom Gb

The back garden is quite steep and very long and boggy in parts.



There are lots of plants which thrive in damp conditions - Ligularia, Lythrum, Candleabra Primulas, Astilbe, Lobelia cardinalis, Aruncus, Schizostylis, Trollius, some ferns if there's some shade, several grasses to add interest, Gunnera (if you have space), and lots more - but that's a start, I hope.

25 Aug, 2009


I have always wished I had a place for a good size bog garden. Do take some pics to show us before and your progress - wish you luck

25 Aug, 2009


And to add to the list of plants that like damp, boggy soil, Rogersia, Mimulus, Lysimachia, Hosta, Iris, Cimicifuga, Houttuynia, Ranunculus, Zantedeschia. Grasses: Carex, Cyperus, Typha, Ferns: Matteuccia, Onoclea, Osmunda and a shrub, Gaultheria

25 Aug, 2009


Podyphillum is a good one, try, they have a great selection of plants for boggy areas and not necessarily dedicated to shade lovers.

25 Aug, 2009


or you could dig a good soakeaway and have a very fertile but normal garden.

26 Aug, 2009

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