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How soon can you plant an Amarylis indoors? I thought it was dead in the pot outdoors but it has plenty of roots and is solid and light incolor. Do I need to put it in the dark and cold for 6 wks before I can plant it in a pot for indoors?



I normally give mine a period of dormancy, out of the pot. If yours has had that, with no watering, and it hasn't got any green leaves, then plant it in fresh compost and start it off.

30 Oct, 2012


Make sure that the top third of the bulb is above compost level. You can trim off any dead roots too.

31 Oct, 2012


I give mine a dormancy period too, but not out of the pot -I just let it dry out completely and not water again until a few weeks before I want it to flower.
They can resent repotting, though Spritz's method obviously works well too. The fact that it looks dead is good - means its had a good rest. All you need to do if it's in a reasonable sized pot is bring it into the warm and water it - no need for dark and cold.
I only repot when it gets really overcrowded - but do feed after flowering, with a high potash feed.

If it was a new bulb last year and you didn't feed it. it may be several years before it builds up enough strength to flower again, so hang on in there!

31 Oct, 2012

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