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Everlasting sweetpea - when to sow?


By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

I want to grow some everlasting sweetpeas over a rose arch. My problem is how to deal with sowing them. The packet says sow Feb to April or Sept to Oct, keep at 15-20C till they germinate then transplant into trays or pots.. Plant out after all risk of frosts.

But if they are sown in Sept-Oct surely one can't plant them out till the following year? So do they stay in the pots till then? I leave the Czech Republic, where they will finally finish up, in mid-Nov, returning at the end of April. By which time it is probably too late to start them here (CR) So am I doomed to travel with umpteen pots of sweetpea seedlings having sown them in England Feb to April? And once they are safely growing over the arch, will they survive through hard winters?

I have a similar problem with sweetpeas......



For the perennial sweet pea, I suggest you plant the seed exactly where you want the plants to grow - they don't like root disturbance anyway, and I'd do that as soon as you get there in April. If the one you're growing is Lathyrus latifolius, I reckon that'll survive the winter, not sure about the other perennial ones.
As far as the sweet peas (annual) are concerned, you have no choice but to sow those immediately you arrive there in the spring - just means the flowers will be later, and they're better in the ground than in a pot - but I think you've discovered that already!

25 Aug, 2009


Oh that's a relief - I hate messing about with seedlings in pots, let along transporting them across Europe! Yes, it's latifolious. I might just stick a couple of spare peas into the ground before I leave in November, perhaps with some sort of cloche over the top, just to see what, if anything, happens to them.

Yes, I shall find room for some sweet peas in the ground next year, tho I do like the height the pots give to the courtyard. I've just discovered there is one called Jilly which is very close to my name. Must get some of those....

Can I start them straight in the ground as well then?

25 Aug, 2009


According to my book you can, but I think I'd be inclined to start them in a pot and then plant them out. Check the packet though, because some of the seeds need to be soaked or scored a bit if they have a hard coating.

25 Aug, 2009


Yes, you can do the same as recommended by Bamboo. I grew some sweetpeas over winter on my balcony in small pots with a minimum of protection. In the spring I planted them where I wanted them to grow & they flowered lovely, in fact one plant is still flowering at this moment!

25 Aug, 2009

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