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Plant Id please. Sorry for the quality of the photography.

Plant5_001 Plant5_002 Plant5_004



Don't know

30 Oct, 2012



30 Oct, 2012


Top one looks like Cotoneaster.
Middle one looks like Jasmine.
Bottom one looks like Spirea.

So looks like I agree with Dgw.

Does that make us right?

31 Oct, 2012


Hello cutsandgraze.

I actually have no idea what these plants are. Labels have long since been lost. I need them identified so I can care for them properly.

The cotoneaster needs a severe prune as its coming out of its border eight feet in the air. I am frightended that I'll kill it off and don't know when to do it.

31 Oct, 2012


You won't kill it. Cut off the branches you don't want. These naturally grow out horizontally but are amenable to being grown flat against a wall, and are very tolerant of being hacked about.

31 Oct, 2012


I would prune the Cotoneaster in Spring. You can be quite hard with it, you won't kill it. If there are any dead or diseased branches you can remove them anytime. The Jasmine can have the flowered shoots removed and a framework established. Again, you can be brutal. The Spiraea, take out any dead bits but leave any other trimming until Spring. Only a light tidy up for this in order to get a nicer shape.

31 Oct, 2012


Many thanks everyone. This is just the kind of advice an absolute novice like me requires.

The jasmine is attached to a trellis type set up but has actually pulled it off the wall.

31 Oct, 2012


Also I wouldn't mind another cotoneaster. When could I take a cutting?

31 Oct, 2012

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