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why have the leaves on my bay tree turned yellow and orange/brown

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a spiral bay tree that stands approx 5ft in a ceramic pot, i have had this tree for just over a year and repotted it earlier this year, but have noticed over the past month or so that some of the leaves have turned yellow and others have turned an orange/brown colour and are starting to fall off, the plant stands in full sun for most of the day and i have been giving it plenty of water each night when its been hot,not sure if i've been over watering or not, also is the tree ok to stay in the pot ? or would it be more healthy for it to go into the ground, just had another look at the tree and cant see any insects or bugs on it.Hope someone has some ideas,
Many thanks Reg



Some leaf loss is normal, even though this is an evergreen plant. Check that the drainage holes in the pot aren't blocked in case the plant is becoming waterlogged, and also that ants haven't invaded it - you can usually tell if that's happened because there'll be a ring of fine compost round the pot. It's too late in the year to feed it, so if its not a watering problem, just a small amount of leaf loss, and the plant is otherwise healthy and growing, I wouldn't worry too much. Might be worth turning it out of the pot to check the dryness or otherwise of the rootball in case you're not watering enough, too.

25 Aug, 2009


Good response Bamboo, I just want to Add, I have 2 Standard Bays and there's a few yellow leave's in the centre of the globe and 2 or 3 lying around the deck, im not worried bcos I assume its normal :) if there were A lot of leaf loss I would be worried so just keep an eye on it Babybella..

25 Aug, 2009

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