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Clematis - i was wondering is it too late in the year to buying new plants?

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

i was wondering is it too late in the year to buying new plants. I've seen in a few shops you can buy clematis' for about £2.50 and i was wondering if i brought it now would it survive the winter if i planted it in the garden or should i be potting them up in bigger pots and then plant next year? Or should i just wait until next year?
At the moment i do not have anywhere i could store them apart from in the garden up against the house for a bit of shelter from the wind.



Unless you have the perfect spot all ready for the clematis to go into I'd hold off. The reason they are being sold so cheaply is to clear them before they die back and no-one will buy. If they've been sat in pots for months and months with, possibly, poor care they are likely to need extra cosseting.

26 Aug, 2009


My thoughts are a bit different.

I'd buy them now, maybe repot them maybe not and keep them aside until the spring and plant them then.
Or, buy them now. Plant them out -but they are going to go into their dormant state overwinter.

Buying them at a low price can be a good way to increase your collection !

26 Aug, 2009


I bought some cheepies a few weeks back Womble and I know I wont get anything this year but how exciting for next year, as Im bound to forget over winter

x x x

26 Aug, 2009


at 2.50 if you buy 2 you can plant one in a pot and one in the ground.
one or both may survive.
if their a decent enough size you may be able to take a couple of cuttings. no harm in trying...

26 Aug, 2009


I recently bought a new collection - 5 plant for 3.99....a bargain eh!!
They are only a few inches tall, they have been potted on into 3" pots and put in the cold frame. If by the end of Sept their roots have filled the pots well, they will be potted on into larger ones and over-wintered in the cold frame. If winter is mild this year (please!!!!) the topgrowth might shoot away; this growth will be trimmed (this will help the growth stay nice and stocky and strong ready for planting out in the spring).
Its worth giving it a go!!

26 Aug, 2009


thanks for all the advice, the plants i have seen are young plants which are still marked at the full price, no reductions yet. i will pop down at the weekend and see what they have left. on another note i did get a bargain recently - Arabella; it was reduced from £15 to £3.75, cant wait to see it flower next year.

27 Aug, 2009


Arabella's a great Clematis and very free flowering (brilliant reduction !!!).
I have one that grows through my front hedge and always looks good.

27 Aug, 2009

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