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By Patchy

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i have for the past six years had circular light brown spots in my lawn.i have tried a different remedy each year since and with help and advice from lawn specialists but nothing has changed.each spring the lawn looks fine until late july early august then the spots appear.



Do you have a dog?

30 Oct, 2012


How big are these circular light brown spots. Does the grass die entirely?

30 Oct, 2012


More info required I'm afraid, assuming you don't have a dog. When you say 'lawn specialists' what diagnosis did these specialists make, and exactly what treatments have you already tried?
Second, a photo might be helpful.
Third, is your soil light and sandy, or heavy clay?
Fourth, is the lawn you have luxury turf, or utility, ordinary grade?
Fifth, what maintenance regime do you usually carry out during a year, including feeding/weeding, etc?

31 Oct, 2012


It could be a vixen fox, they pee in neat round circles at certain times of year when attracting a male! It happens here, they are a pest.

1 Nov, 2012


Also, are these spots in the same locations every year? Or do they "move around"?

12 Nov, 2012


I think Patchy has been eaten by one of these light brown spots!

12 Nov, 2012


Lol :)

12 Nov, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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