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Can anyone tell me if this is unusual, I have a Carmel Blue Bush Fuchsia which I bought this year as a small plant and it has grown and produced flowers of two different colours as shown in the photo.




Check which stems the pink coloured flowers are growing off - unless you want a curiosity plant with two different flowers, I'd be inclined to cut out the growth producing the pink flowers as close to their source as possible. I suspect this is reversion, in other words, the plant has areas which have reverted to one or other of the original genetic parents - quite often, reverted growth is stronger and more vigorous and may take over the whole plant. And I think I'd be inclined to contact the garden centre where you bought it and make a complaint, in case all you've got eventually is a pink flowered fuschia. On the other hand, might be interesting to keep it and see what happens as time goes by - its certainly eye catching at the moment.

26 Aug, 2009


I agree with Bamboo remove the growth with the pink flowers.

26 Aug, 2009


ooh lucky you
2 for the price of one

x xx

27 Aug, 2009


Thank you all for your help regarding my two tone fuchsia

28 Aug, 2009


I too have the very same plant,it was given to me about 10 years ago in a small pot,it has been in the ground for about 8 years now and never fails to bloom abundantly with beautiful flowers,

22 Jul, 2015


Lol,it never fails to please me,( not disappoint me)

22 Jul, 2015

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