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Advice on a greenhouse please

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Im finally getting round to sorting my back garden & its time for the greenhouse I promised myself when we moved 10 years ago......I had in mind one of the polycarbon ones that Norfolk Greenhouses advertise - (I dont really want glass) so its polycarbon or a cheaper option they offer is a cover of plastic sheeting......any advice from you gardening people would be welcome :-)

Thanks for so mant replies - I think polycarb' will be best as I dont trust myself putting a glass one together the spot I have in mind is open to strong winds (but when the leaves fall of next doors tree I should have a view of the Staffordshire Moorlands & be out of sight of my nosy neighbour)
£170 from Norgolk seems reasonable plus carriage, a choice of Green or White galvanised frames, no base is required so its anyones guess what holds it together



Davey if you want the greenhouse to last any length of go for polycarbon as the plastic sheet covered one will likely need its sheeting replaced fairly regularly - at least it would where we live due to the wind.Is there a reason why you don't want one that is glassed?

26 Aug, 2009


Buy the largest greenhouse that you can afford/fit on the site, otherwise you will want a second one next year. If you are tempeted to buy an expensive greenhouse ask yourself why? Our second greenhouse is from the cheapest B&Q range (aluminium and glass) and is providing excellent service.
If you have children or some similar reason I can understand your not wanting glass but, in that case, I would suggest the more expensive polycarbon.

26 Aug, 2009


I'm all for polycarb. myself, as you don't need to put up shading in summer, either. You'll now see "Featured on Greenhouse" next to your question. Click here to find similar questions and answers on this topic.

26 Aug, 2009


We've never used shading yet in our greenhouses

26 Aug, 2009


I want a greenhouse but staying at the end of the row and with kids playing footy etc, glass is a no-no.
I,m just going to get the polycarbonate sheets and build something myself.
*&Q does replacement polycarbonate sheets for a 8 by 7 greenhouse for eighty odd quid.
That,ll get me a walk in one and some coldframes etc with whats left.

26 Aug, 2009


~I only have a 6 by 8 as we have a small backgarden~ but wish I had a bigger one! ~the garden is south facing and without shading the temperature gets up to 80 odd even with the doors and vents open~ so go for the biggest one you can physically have room for and don't get plastic as it doesn't last.I think glass is best though.

26 Aug, 2009


It's always worth a look on Ebay, Adtrader and sites like that - people are always getting rid of them. Your local freecycle may be worth a look too. I agree with Bulbaholic - decide how big you want it and get much larger.

26 Aug, 2009


Certainly look in the local press etc for people giving greenhouses free to good home - recipient to remove. Just remember that replacement glass, and presumably polycarb, from a merchant will probably cost more than a new greenhouse from somewhere like B&Q.

26 Aug, 2009


Is the £80 just for the polycarb?

Have you costed the framework, base, preservative for frame materials,if needed, the door and window hinges/vents, rubber sealant strips, screws, bolts, transportation, P&P, etc?

Not to mention the interior finishing, eg. beds or gravel ,paving or concrete, shelves, staging, etc. ?

Would be great of you could get your greenhouse and coldframe polycarb for this price but, as said above, would give all my time and money to the largest greenhouse area as poss, and forget coldframes for now.

26 Aug, 2009


~there have been some really good ones on ebay recently~nearly all buyer dismantle at the furthest away spot from where you are!~however if you are up for doing that you can get a really good one for a fraction of the new price ~definitely worth considering!

26 Aug, 2009


When you take into account the cost in time and travel of dismantling a greenhouse and transporting if part way across the country I personally would doubt it is worth it. Different matter if someone in you neighbourhood is getting rid of a greenhouse.

27 Aug, 2009


~you can always limit your search to your area~by clicking on distance it will search within a 10 miles radius and progressively widen if required.~

27 Aug, 2009


I have had a little browse on eBay but even if I found one for free locally it would be alot of work & I dont need the hassle to be honest - I think I'll settle for Norfolks Polycarb (online)£175 isnt to bad really maybe the wife will contribute some as it will get me out of her way for a bit ;-) he he

27 Aug, 2009


I agree Davey it isn't worth the hassle - have fun with the new greenhouse, you'll wonder how you ever coped without it! :-)

27 Aug, 2009


I have a 6'x8' greenhouse, bought from an ad in AdTrader (yellow paper) for £30 dismantled, spare glass, auto window opener, recipient to pick up. 10 miles from home, what a bargain! Saw one five weeks later, free to a good home, to collect.

6'x8' pah! Wish I'd waited for a 8'x10' or a 10'x12' or/and a polly tunnel or even a market greenhouse..... Aaargh, someone stop me!!!!!

Why didn't anyone tell me greenhouses are so addictive?

1 Sep, 2009

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