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About 6 weeks ago i took some cuttings from one of my Penstemons they have all have all taken root,and i have transplanted them in single pots.they are sitting on staging in the greenhouse but seem to be going very leggy, my question is can i pinch out the tops to make them bushy?



I am about to pinch out my successful cuttings, as they are growing a bit leggy. There are plenty of sideshoots to grow on instead of upwards. Weather permitting they will probably be planted out quite soon anyway, when I can get round to it, preferably before we get any frost. They are about a foot tall so far.

31 Oct, 2012


Dorjac, Are you really going to plant out penstemon now? I always take the cuttings to save, frost free, as I've lost so many left in the garden over the winter in the past.

5 Nov, 2012


I will plant out the well grown ones that have been out of my mini greenhouse for some time and keep the others, taken more recently, in this tiny shelter. Here, in Essex, they are winter hardy. I can't recall losing any, even in the worst winters, and I've grown then for a long time.

6 Nov, 2012

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