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£1 SHOP ALLIUMS - UPDATE not a question


By Bamboo

London, United Kingdom Gb

Having told everyone on more than one occasion that you can buy Allium christophii and aflatuense (purple drumsticks) in the £1 stores in September, I've been there today and discovered that yes, you can - but you'll now only get 2 bulbs instead of 4 or 5. Not worth it for the aflatuense - I went to Wilkinsons and bought a pack of 10 for £2.



Well done Bamboo you can't beat wilko's for a bargain.

26 Aug, 2009


Just watch out for the buklb size. The cheaper the bulb usually the smaller it is and the less likely to flower in the first year of planting. We have been caught out like that before now.

26 Aug, 2009


Yea, I know Owdboggy, but I've been buying them in the £1 shops for the last five years and they've been great, grew just as well as the more expensive ones from the garden centre and were just as big. But I'm not at all impressed by a £1 for two bulbs, whatever size they are (and they're not bigger than they used to be either).

26 Aug, 2009


This is what I noticed with Taylor's bulbs in our GC. The price on the pack was pretrty much the same as last year but there were far fewer bulbs in the bag.

26 Aug, 2009


Not just in bulbs that this is happening. Packets of various things once say 800 grams are now 750 or even 700 grams for the same price.

26 Aug, 2009


Yes, Owdboggy, I have noticed how few seeds there are in the veggie packets these days. Once upon a time one packet was more than enough, now you need two packets!

26 Aug, 2009

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