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tyrone, Ireland Ie

when can I prune forest flame



Hi, No, not really they shouldn't be pruned at all.

31 Oct, 2012


They aren't generally subjected to a pruning regime other than to remove dead parts, but if you need to reduce its size or tidy it up, the best time is when it is dormant, so mid winter.

31 Oct, 2012


I fear I just gave mine a drastic tidying up chop when I finally decided I'd had enough of it looking scruffy. It bounced back quite cheerfully, so i wouldn't stress.

31 Oct, 2012


Quite big bits of mine died off in last winter's awful freeze, and it looked awful, and I "tidied" it up in about March or April (sorry, I can't remember exactly) and it's come back better than ever, so don't despair.

3 Nov, 2012

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