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Last year I ordered three Jasmine plug plants. When they arrived they were accompanied by a note saying that they had sent honeysuckle instead as, due to a poor growing season, the jasmines would not have survived the winter. In fact, they had sent one honeysuckle and two jasmine (begging the question: why send plants knowing they wouldn't survive?) Anyway, I potted them up, overwintered them in the conservatory and planted them out in spring. Both survived (one better than the other) and look reasonably healthy, 5-6 'branches' each and about 18 inches tall. After all this, I should hate to lose them, so my question is: What, if anything, should I do to overwinter them successfully? eg, should I cut back? Cover? Lift & bring in?



Erm, need to know one thing - what variety of Jasmine are they? If they're J. officinale, that's hardy as old boots, as are some of the others...

31 Oct, 2012


Sorry, I don't know. Seem to remember it was something like 'clotted cream', although this sounds more like a colour description than an actual variety.

2 Nov, 2012


Ah, no that's very useful actually - the full name of this plant is Jasmine officinale 'clotted cream' ,which means its a cultivar from J. officinale, and its fully hardy, so no need to bring under shelter.

2 Nov, 2012

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