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carrots washed and dried rot within the week


By Gerry06

United Kingdom Gb

carrots pulled and not washed keep keep for many weeks,infact,they often dessicate and don't rot.What is in the skin/soil that prevents the rot? Could it be isolated and bottled?!



I suspect the washing allows more water to penetrate and a different range of bacteria. the soil doesnt have these bacteria present.

26 Aug, 2009


When carrots are commercially washed it is a tumbling process with very little water - the carrots then go into a cold store to keep them for months on end if necessary. If you or I scrub our carrots and then leave them to sit around at room temperature they will rot. Immature carrots will rot after being pulled in any case if not used within 24 hours.
Carrots are one of the crops that can be left in the ground until needed unless there is a hard frost. Even then if under fleece they will be fine.

26 Aug, 2009

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