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When do I lift my begonias and how do I over winter them? they are the fibrous variety.
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You don't mention what type they are fibrous or tuberous.

See here;

31 Oct, 2012


the begonias are of the fibrous variety

31 Oct, 2012


The pictures have confused me?????

They are not begonias

Regarding begonias!

Do you mean begonia semperflorens?

If so, these are half hardy ANNUALS and are normally replaced annually.

If grown in pots you might be able to keep them growing through the winter, but it is not easy unless you have the right conditions.

Low light levels and over watering can cause them to rot / dampen off so for that reason I don't save them.

I just buy new plug plants each year.

Have a look at the pictures in the link I sent you and tell me if this is the begonias you have!

31 Oct, 2012


The photos are of Phalaenopsis nothing to do with the question at all...

31 Oct, 2012


I always put my Begonia semperflorens in pots in a frost free shed. They're easy to keep and last for years.

31 Oct, 2012


You've got pretty orchids.
You might like to put them on the photos page, so that everyone can see them :o)

1 Nov, 2012


When the first frosts have killed off the foliage, dig up the tubers, take them indoors, dry them off, remove the stems and foliage and store in frost free conditions in paper bags. You might like to dust them first with fungicide powder if you think it might be a problem.
p.s. Lovely orchids!

3 Nov, 2012


Since fibrous begonias never go dormant, they will need to be overwintered in a heated greenhouse, starting safely before frosts begin. If many roots are broken in lifting them, a semi-severe pruning will help to keep them from going into shock.

11 Nov, 2012

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